Welcome! Whether you are interested in metaphysics or are trying to understand your place in the universe, I hope you will find this website useful. Meant for an audience of discriminating seekers, my blog tackles a variety of esoteric topics. Browse around some more, and you will discover a book review section where I discuss some of my favorite metaphysical readings.

My spiritual journey started in 1981; since then, I have had opportunities to explore several facets of the human experience ranging from subtle energy dynamics to dreamwork and OBEs, and from divination and shamanic journeying to alternative healing. While seemingly disparate, all of these approaches work by allowing access to our ultimate consciousness. They also challenge the limitations imposed by our physical senses, thus providing glimpses into our true nature. We are not–or not just–our bodies, and there is much freedom to be gained from realizing this truth experientially.

While empirical, my approach to metaphysics is also balanced by a sound discernment and an engagement with relevant spiritual traditions. A PhD scholar by trade, since 2007 I have been teaching classes and workshops in which I lead participants in the exploration of their inner worlds. I also offer psychic readings meant to help people cast a different light on their lives and assist them with their personal development. Find me on Facebook!

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Photo by Emma Giannini