Let Go and Be Present

Whether you are a seeker, a healer, or a psychic, the first step of your spiritual journey should consist of developing proper emotional hygiene. Did you ever wonder what clear light dreams really tap into or why a trance state may unlock extraordinary experiences? You guessed it—it all comes in through your subconscious as your personal portal to deeper consciousness. The emotional clutter you accumulate in your subconscious, however, will color, influence, or downright obstruct the flow of awareness. This is why seekers and all those who work with subtle energies always benefit from a healthy emotional life.

Pay attention to how saints and self-realized individuals are mostly blessed with a cheerful disposition. Regardless of the hardships many of them endured, they still take pleasure in small things and laugh with the abandon of a child. They may express their displeasure as appropriate; however, they do not dwell on resentment and never harbor ill feelings towards anyone. With no emotional clutter obstructing it, their individual consciousness is wide open to the Universe.

Many religions recommend against yielding to strong emotions: the anger, the lust, and the greed that agitate minds and poison hearts, making higher pursuits impossible. The most popular remedies against these ills, however, are punishment and repression—both of which, in fact, are even greater evils. The former may generate festering emotional wounds. By bottling up impulses, instead, the latter creates potentially explosive situations: ashrams and monasteries alike are often rife with abuses deriving from stunted emotional lives and repressed sexualities.

Here is a better option: instead of suppressing your emotions, acknowledge them. When you realize that an emotional surge is about to overwhelm you, sit quietly and allow yourself to listen, feel, and experience it to the fullest. Do not act on it–but do not ignore it, either. Most importantly, do not fall for its antics.

Emotions are energies colored with stories; if you hold on to the story, it will keep obsessing you, etching itself in your neural pathways. Instead of allowing the emotion to overpower you, let go of the story and just sit with the energy. As this prana runs through you, savor its intensity. Once the coloring of the story is gone, the energy it triggered can be allocated more efficiently. Allow that to happen, and you will be free.

Photo by Patrick Schneider