The Sleep of Reason and the Seeker’s Responsibility

Browsing through social media at the time of the covid-19 pandemic, I was struck by the eagerness with which many seekers, psychics, and energy healers would jump on the conspiracy theory du jour, launching in rants against alleged villains near and far. There surely is much in today’s world to be worried about: social injustice is on the rise; solidarity and compassion are on the way out, and many people are trapped in a maze of local and global inequities. In this social, cultural, and political climate, paranoia spreads like wildfire. By distracting people from the real issues, conspiracy theories obscure actual problems. They also promote blind hatred and irrational fears. “The sleep of reason produces monsters,” is the title of one of Francisco Goya’s most famous prints, where the horrific beings flocking to the dreamer’s body are a warning to all of us. Whether you are a seeker, an energy healer, or a metaphysically-oriented individual, you should heed Goya’s concern. Why?

To put it crudely: If you practice a metaphysical art, you are likely to move large amounts of prana. These energies will inevitably carry the imprint of your own emotional palette. There will be a point in your spiritual journey when your proficiency at mobilizing prana–and coloring it–will not only determine the kind of experiences you have on a daily basis, but may also impact everybody around you. If your mental and emotional world is populated with enemies, your life will reflect that: your own angry energies will set off the conditions for rude encounters with strangers and squabbles with your loved ones–not to mention the occasional rough ride with the inner worlds. The more obsessed you become with the nastiness of it all, the more dystopic your personal universe will look. Is this really the world you want to create, for yourself and others?

As always, my suggestion is: sit with your emotion, release the story that goes with it and witness the energy for as long as needed. And, just as importantly, exercise discernment about the company you keep and the kind of information you seek out. Whatever triggers you does not serve your highest good—let it go, and the universe will thank you.

Image: Francisco Goya, El sueño de la razón produce monstruos (1799) via Wikimedia

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