After the Awakening: New Energy Pathways

Contrary to common belief, a kundalini awakening is not the culmination of a spiritual journey. Instead, it is merely a beginning. My first kundalini experience brought about dramatic changes in how I experienced the world. The boundaries that separated me from other people—their thoughts and above all their emotions—became thinner. Somehow I knew what even strangers thought, and I felt what they felt. Other people’s pain became my pain; their joy and love were also mine. I also started experiencing kriyas, or spontaneous yogic positions that manifested during my meditation sessions.

The yogic tradition mentions three knots (granthis) that block the ascension of the kundalini energy. Located at the bottom of the spine, Brahman granti gets pierced by the first kundalini activation. The second granthi (Vishnu) is close to the heart center; the third one (Rudra) is at the throat. After breaking through the Brahma granthi, the energy working through me pierced them one by one; the process took about two years. The sudden piercing of the Vishnu granthi steeped me into an ocean of love—this was a blissful experience of merging with the universe that has occurred several times since then. About a year later, a yogic breathing exercise re-opened the kundalini cataracts; the energy rushed upward and a vibration radiated from my throat. A large white star occupied my field of vision as the sacred sound “Om” resounded through my throat. It took me a few minutes to fully recover from the intensity of the experience. When I reached out to the light switch, all of the bulbs in the chandelier blew up.

A few months later, a large trident manifested along my spine. It swept upward, piercing an orb behind my occipital bone. As this orb popped, I was engulfed by a rush of energy that lasted indefinitely. I later discovered this very same experience described as an intentional visualization practice in Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s Kundalini Tantra. It was no coincidence that many of my experiences would find confirmation in the yogic tradition: spontaneous kriyas driven by energy adjustments provide the template for intentional yoga practices meant to awaken kundalini. The energy that had awakened in me was creating new pathways through and around my physical body. My consciousness, in the process, was expanding in myriad directions.

Several of the experiences ensuing my awakening became techniques I teach as part of my Inner Alchemy and Neoshamanic Techniques courses

Image by Pxfuel