Becoming the Word: A Vibrational Approach to Spiritual Manifestation

Paul Selig, I am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time: A Channeled Text. Tarcher/Penguin, 2010

Paul Selig is one of the most popular spiritual channelers of our times. What speaks through him is a collective of higher consciousnesses which he identifies as “the guides.”

In I am the Word, these higher consciousnesses establish the foundations of a worldview in which the lower self’s task is to fully align with the divinity of the Higher Self. This process, which the guides call Christening, unfolds through decrees. These are vibrationally charged affirmations that allow the lower self to begin to resonate with its own divine nature.

The guide’s basic decrees are as follows: “Word I am Word;” “I am Word through my being;” “I am Word through my vibration.” According to Selig’s guides, statements such as these raise the lower self’s frequency. This is not magic but rather the process of unveiling one’s ultimate nature, which has been hidden and forgotten through an accumulation of unhealthy patterns. In the guides’ views, there is much freedom in being able to let go of one’s history and make a fresh start in the present—which, ultimately, is the only time that really exists.

I am Word’s basic message is that, while the Higher Self tries to push through its own plans, the lower self is adept at blocking them. This is why so many of us manifest obstacles to our own higher goals; once what the guides call “boulders” become ensconced in our lives, we end up organizing our whole existence around them.

Fear, in particular, is the emotion that feeds this kind of process. Indulging in anger, holding on to grudges, dreading a potential outcome are all fear-induced ways to manifest wretched circumstances while deflecting the Higher Self’s ultimate calling—namely, love.

Love, for the guides, is not to be confused with romance. In fact, love is not even an emotion; instead, it is the frequency of the “God Self” within you. Not only is love not conditional, but it also transforms whatever and whomever it encounters. Attune yourself to the energy of love, and anyone who crosses your path even for the briefest moment will have an opportunity to resonate with its frequency.

As book one of Selig’s first trilogy, I am the Word is a foundational read for whomever may be interested in manifesting one’s higher purposes. Seekers and energy workers, in particular, will appreciate its coherent cosmology as well as a vibrational approach that is capable of breaking through deep-seated blockages.

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