Inner Alchemy

Do you believe there is more to the world than meets the eye? Do you ever find yourself longing for a deeper understanding of reality? By honing your subtle senses, the Inner Alchemy course will help you expand your consciousness.  Drawing on meditation, visualization, and breathwork techniques, this experiential class will lead participants in the […]

Neoshamanic Techniques for the 21st Century

Are you ready to flow with the power? In this course, you will deepen your awareness of metaphysical dynamics; as you learn how to harmoniously develop your subtle senses, you will be able to reclaim your birthright as a spiritual being on an earthly journey. Just as importantly, the shamanic techniques taught in this course […]

Riding the Flows, Feeling the Tarot: Prana and the Art of Divination

Energetic Foundations of Intuition Development Modern day cartomancers often invest considerable effort in memorizing card meanings and correspondences; however, the intellectual understanding of tarot symbolism is only half of the story. Divination is driven by intuition, and intuition is based on prana flows: as the force driving manifestation, prana is both energy and information. Through […]