Working with Elemental Energies

According to the Tibetan shamanic tradition known as Bön Po, the manifested world is comprised of five elements: ether (or space), earth, water, fire and air. These elements have both gross and subtle aspects; hence, their role in shaping our experience can be felt on multiple levels, the most obvious of which is psychological. If […]

Reading the Tarot Beyond the Canon

Over the centuries, cartomancers have developed long lists of meanings they attribute to each Tarot card, thus establishing the modern canon. Indeed, as we read the Tarot, we position ourselves as part of an ancient tradition that gives legitimacy to what we do. However, as historians and social scientists have repeatedly argued, traditions are reinvented […]

Cult Mentality: The Visceral World of Emotional Manipulators

A common Old-World parenting strategy consists of showing dangerous objects to toddlers and labeling them as “poop.” Once defined as objects of revulsion, these things become off-limits. The matchbox? “Poop.” Mommy’s prescription meds? “Poop.” The cooking range plates? “Poop.” As their world becomes organized around the dichotomy of what is good and what is “poop,” […]

Who Am I? Encountering Your Luminous Essence

Hatha yoga practitioners may be familiar with the hamsa mantra, which accompanies the sound of breath: “Who am I?” the mantra asks. The answer to this query is obviously not your name and date of birth. In fact, the hamsa question is meant to address the deepest “you:” the one whose essence is absolute and […]

Beyond the Hype: What to Expect from Mediumship

It took me a long time to warm up to mediumship. For much of my life I have been bothered by marauding entities and the thought of inviting communication with the discarnate made me uncomfortable. Eventually, I decided to break out of my concerns and started experimenting with it. Slowly, I began to see the […]

Who Have You Been? Learning from Your Past Lives

My mother is still fond of telling stories about the temper tantrums I used to throw at age three. In a matter of minutes, she says, I would turn into a screaming little monster; an hour later, I would be back to my cheerful toddler self with little recollection of what had happened. There was […]

Dealing With Hurt Through the Field of Consciousness

As a psychic,  I often marvel at the love, the compassion, and the kindness many of my clients show even in the face of adversity. However, I have also had opportunities to witness the anger of spited souls. “How can I get back at him (or her)?” is a question I hear time and again […]

To Whom It May Concern: Communicating with Advanced Consciousness

A few nights ago, I decided to experiment with consciously programming an out-of-body experience. Before falling asleep, I formulated my desire for an astral projection and packaged it in a bubble of yearning. I then addressed it To Whom It May Concern and sent it off into the Universe. KNOCK, KNOCK! A few hours later, […]