Yearning for Ascension: The Cosmic Axis and Its Symbols

If your body is a temple, your spine is its most sacred place. This awareness has little to do with the vertebral structure that allows human primates to hold their vertical posture; instead, it indicates the approximate location of sushumna, the channel where kundalini flows. Kundalini is the energy through which universal consciousness keeps manifesting […]

Handling Fear in an Age of Upset

Fear is a primal emotion; whenever it takes center stage, love, compassion, and spirituality begin to vanish. As a real or a perceived threat triggers your fight-or-flight response, your adrenals pump hormones into your bloodstream. All the while, your heart races; your blood pressure shoots up, and your mind quickly examines your options: do you […]

Getting to Know Your Energy Body

Have you ever seen or felt your chakras? If you are reading my blog, you are probably already familiar with all the properties and correspondences that New Age lore associates with these energy centers: colors, sounds, emotions, internal organs, endocrine glands, crystals, musical notes—you name it. Doesn’t it feel reassuring to have it all figured […]

So, You Want to Be Psychic?

First of all, please realize that there is nothing special in being a psychic. Being a medium or having clairvoyant skills does not set you apart from the general population, nor does it make you “better” or “more powerful” than anyone else. In fact, many psychics regard their skills as a natural extension of their […]

Can You Handle Enlightenment?

Karen Hannah, LPC* Enlightenment is the state of permanent experiential identification with one’s higher self. This expanded awareness allows one to feel liberated and empowered, which can lead to either cosmic consciousness OR impaired judgment and chaos in the physical world. Enlightenment tends to be unsustainable for most human beings because it directly competes with […]

The Psychic, the Inquisitor, and the Scientist

When I launched this website during the summer of 2020, I was excited about the opportunity to discuss topics that are important to me. I was also eager to go public with my metaphysical classes and the readings I have been doing for so many years. That was the easy part. What I was not […]

Fauna of the Lower Astral*

Poltergeist is a composite German word originating from Geist (“spirit”) and poltern (to crash about). If you have a poltergeist in your home, gone is your peace of mind: invisible hands rap on your walls and spooky shadows wake you up in the night. Thanks to Hollywood, we are all familiar with the prototypical story […]

The Opening of the Heart

One of the most exquisite experiences you might encounter on your spiritual path is the opening of the heart center, which is often part of a full-blown kundalini awakening. St. Teresa of Avila, the Christian mystic, described it eloquently as the piercing of her heart at the hands of an “extremely beautiful angel.” This experience […]