Psychic Development for Beginners

Chanda Parkinson, Meditations for Psychic Development, Llewellyn, 2021. Do you want to develop your psychic skills? Learn how to quiet your mind and hone your visualization skills, suggests author Chanda Parkinson. In this vein, her Meditations for Psychic Development contains a collection of exercises meant to develop one’s intuition and sharpen some of the so-called […]

Kundalini Yoga from the Himalayas: Tantrik Lessons on Inner Transmutation

Swami Rama, Path of Fire and Light, Volumes 1 and 2. The Himalayan Institute Press, 1988 Imagine sitting at the feet of an enlightened yogi and listening to this person’s teachings. Picture learning some of the esoteric practices that have been at the core of yoga for centuries. Envision having an experienced guru explain what […]

The Lotus and the Moon: Daoist Energy Cultivation

Roni Edlund and Damo Mitchell, Daoist Nei Gong for Women: The Art of the Lotus and the Moon. Singing Dragon, 2016. Even though my approach to energy cultivation is mainly based on Yoga, I enjoy reading a good Nei Gong book every now and then. Nei Gong is a subset of Qi Gong practices explicitly […]

The Power of Breathwork

B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Prānāyāma: The Yogic Art of Breathing. New York: The Crossroad Publishing Company, 1985. Known as prāṇāyāma (control over life force), breathwork is popular among yoga practitioners because of its soothing qualities. However, few in the Western world are aware of prāṇāyāma’s power to induce altered states of consciousness. Practice it with […]

Ancestral Healing, the Shamanic Way

Daniel Foor, Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. Bear & Company, 2017 Many cultures acknowledge the role of ancestors and recently-deceased relatives in shaping the experience of the living in ways that often escape ordinary perceptions. According to author Daniel Foor, several of the issues that run through families may be caused by […]

An Introduction to Classical Tantra

Christopher Wallis, Tantra Illuminated. Mattamayura Press, 2012 “It is only by granting the whole world its freedom to be exactly as it is that you can be free:” if Wallis’ book were to be condensed in one sentence, this would be it. Unlike other South Asian doctrines encouraging seekers to turn their back on a […]

Energy Healing, Demystified

Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field. Bantam, 1988. This book is a classic in energy healing, and many of my readers may already be familiar with it. Yet, over 30 years after its publication, Hands of Light is still a book worth reading and an excellent resource […]

Working with Higher Energies

Josephine McCarthy, Magical Healing: A Health Survival Guide for Occultists, Pagans, Healers, and Tarot Readers; TadeHent 2019 Whether you are a psychic, a healer, a shaman, or a mystic, much of what you do entails dealing with subtle energies. Have you ever noticed how peak experiences are often followed by a mental, emotional, or even […]

Mastering Astral Projection, One Step at a Time

Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer, Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience (CD Companion); Llewelyn, 2007. Robert Bruce is one of my favorite OBE authors, and I owe my very first conscious projection to one of his books, Astral Dynamics (which I will review later). Co-authored with Brian Mercer, his Mastering Astral Projection is […]