Delving Deeper through Divination: How to Fully Benefit from a Psychic Reading

In contemporary Western folklore, divination is often reduced to fortune-telling. “Does he (or she) love me?” is a question I get frequently asked. “Will I get the job?” is another all-time favorite. While love and livelihood are fundamental challenges for most of humankind—don’t we all share the same experience after all?–divination has the potential to delve much deeper than that.

A good intuitive reading session can go to the roots of a karmic pattern that keeps manifesting in your life. It may also point out how to release it.

Try this: during your next consultation, do not limit yourself to asking, say, “does he love me?” Instead, once you get that answer stay on topic and probe deeper by inquiring “why do I often fall in love with people who ignore/leave/abuse me?” Then move on to the next—and most important—level of questioning: “how do I break out of this pattern?” Bingo! Now you are scoping out your karmic conditioning. Take notes and you will begin to understand how you can make a meaningful change in your life.

A good psychic reader will be able to shed light on what lurks in the depths of your psyche, thus making hidden dynamics visible. Your subconscious mind is the portal to deeper aspects of your self; your conscious mind, however, is usually busy filtering out precious information it may regard as uncomfortable. There is power in knowledge, though, and a skilled intuitive reader will help you attain awareness—and, if you play it right, relief from your woes.

A word of caution: even though they are capable of pointing you to the truth, psychic readers are not miracle workers. We can empower you through knowledge, but we will not make your karmas go away. Once you identify the pattern that has been shaping your experiences, you will still have to do the work–most likely, by deconditioning yourself. At the most basic level, you will have to cultivate a daily practice of releasing the emotionally charged stories that keep playing out in your mind. Develop emotional awareness and the freedom you have been longing for will begin to manifest.

Are you ready to schedule a consultation to explore the patterns that keep manifesting in your life? I offer individual sessions via Skype as well as photo readings via e-mail.

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