How to Develop Your Medical Intuition

Tina M. Zion, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course, WriteLife Publishing, 2018.

If you practice any kind of energy healing, you may have noticed how during a session images, symbols and impressions seem to flow into your mind. If this is the case, you have the potential to become a medical intuitive. Medical intuitives are psychics who have access to knowledge pertaining to other people’s emotional and physical health. At times, this information manifests in the form of detailed organ or skeletal images; most often, however, it comes through in the form of colors, symbols, frequencies, or even pain and other sensations medical intuitives may feel in their own body. Since medical intuition is an art and not a science, its practitioners do not provide diagnoses. Instead, they gain insights into energy dynamics that may help their clients identify and heal even deeply seated physical and emotional issues.

Tina Zion, the author of Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course, is an experienced practitioner; her book provides useful guidance to whomever may want to deepen their healing practice.

Zion’s most basic suggestion for beginners is to freely indulge in daydreaming and imagination. Learn to trust your intuition, she argues, especially those insights that seem to come from nowhere and take you by surprise. Even as an experienced intuitive, all the information you will ever receive will always look like a product of your imagination; instead of dismissing it, you should learn to trust the process and work with it.

According to Zion, the second step in developing medical intuition is to gain mastery over your energy body. Figure out how to expand your energy field at will; play with it and use it to obtain sensory impressions about the world around you.

The next step is to learn how to scan your own physical body head to toe. For one, this will help you practice your subtle senses; just as importantly, by becoming aware of your own sensations before you meet with clients you will refrain from projecting your own issues onto them.

Once you develop these skills, you are ready to scan your clients’ bodies. Stay relaxed and receptive, and images, colors, symbols, and sensations will pop to your consciousness. Resist the temptation to advance a diagnosis—this is not your job. Instead, describe your impressions to your clients and help them draw their own conclusions. You can also instruct them to use colorful energy for a self-healing they can practice on their own. And, when your session is over, always remember to disentangle your energies. According to Zion, medical sensitives and psychics who forget this important step are bound to develop unnecessary issues.  

Providing thorough guidance for aspiring medical intuitives, Zion’s book is recommended for energy healers of all stripes. It is also an informative read for psychics and all those who want to deepen their understanding of yet another intriguing facet of human consciousness.

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