How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Write down a list of topics and questions

Tarot readings work best when you have questions to ask; in this context, good questions do not aim for a Yes or No answer; instead, they allow for a story to emerge. This process is cumulative, and each spread will build upon the previous one to deepen the analysis of the issue at hand.

Consider taking notes

At times, insights that emerge during a session may not be immediately clear; they may also refer to a situation or pattern that has not manifested yet. If you take notes, you will be able to go through the information later.

Psychic readings are an art, not a science.

As I tune into your Higher Self, the information I receive is filtered through my own experiences, interpretations, and biases. Therefore, you should not hesitate to help me fine-tune my messages. Successful readings always rely on psychics and their querents working together to develop a good connection.

Aim for the deeper patterns

When a problem or situation you are experiencing seems to be a recurrent theme in your life, you might be dealing with a karmic pattern. If this is the case, a psychic reading may help you identify it.

It is possible to read photographs

Photos carry the energies of the people they feature. You can prepare a few pictures and share them with me during our Skype session. You can also request a photo reading via e-mail.

Is it ethical to ask about other people?

If other people’s choices, behaviors, and emotions are affecting you and your life, it is acceptable to ask questions about them. However, I will not answer potentially damaging or intrusive questions such as “should I divorce her?” or “is he cheating on me?”.

Predicting the future

A psychic reading will help you explore the hidden emotional and spiritual dynamics embedded in your past and your present, as well as their potential impact on your future. What you get during a reading is information about the possible future your subconscious mind is preparing to manifest at that time. Yet, as your energies keep shifting, the course of events may change, too.

Test your webcam and your Skype in advance

If you booked a video session and your webcam is not working, we might have to reschedule. I will always send you my Skype information at the time of scheduling; please make sure you check it and have it handy at the time of our appointment. I will wait online for you for 10 minutes. If you are experiencing difficulties, please email me as soon as possible and we will look into either rescheduling or converting your credit into a gift certificate.

Check your spam folder

Once you request a session, I usually reply within 24 hours. Please keep checking your spam folder for important messages about our session. I will send you my Skype information invite once the payment is in–if you don’t see it in your mailbox, it may be in your spam folder! Keep in mind that email works in mysterious ways, and our subsequent conversations may end up in your spam, too.

I do not make diagnoses

I may obtain impressions about your physical and energy body and will share them with you; however, I am not an MD and will leave diagnoses to licensed physicians. I cannot tell you whether you need a specific medical treatment; I cannot tell you what kind of treatment you may need, either. However, at times I may encourage you to seek the help of a medical specialist of your choice.

Payment is due at the time of booking

You will receive my Skype information once your PayPal payment is in. If you need to reschedule, kindly give me 24 hours notice. I do not give refunds; however, you can request a gift certificate in return for unused credit.

Also, please remember: I provide no guarantees and am not responsible for any of your interpretations, decisions, or actions. Should you decide to use any of my suggestions, you will do so at your own discretion and, where necessary, under the supervision of competent professionals.

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