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Every now and then, we all find ourselves struggling with situations that seem impossible to tackle and circumstances we are unable to change. This sense of entrapment is part of the human condition; as we become mired in the web of anxiety, fear, and upset that our mind incessantly weaves around us, we are hard-pressed to identify potential ways out of our predicament.

Whenever this happens, we can always benefit from the help of someone capable of taking a dispassionate, deeper, and more comprehensive look at our lives. By casting a new perspective on our inner and outer life, a psychic reading helps us understand the circumstances at hand while assessing options and exploring potential solutions.

I developed my divination skills in 1985 as part of my journey of spiritual awakening. During my readings, I use the tarot, clairvoyance and claircognizance along with photographic psychometry; medical intuition; and mediumship to tune into the energies that are shaping your life and help you understand how you can work with them.

I also teach a divination class where I teach how to use prana to channel knowledge of a higher order.

All consultations take place via Skype in Eastern Standard Time. Please contact me to schedule an appointment. Before we meet, kindly take a moment to read my tips on how to prepare for a reading.

Also, don’t forget to ask me about gift certificates!

By booking a reading with me, you agree that you have read and understood all of my policies and statements. I look forward to working with you!

You can either request a Paypal invoice to be emailed to you or you can use the button below. Payment is due at the time of booking.

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Please note: I do not give refunds. If you need to reschedule a session, kindly give me a 24 hour notice. On the day of our appointment, I will wait online for 10 minutes; if I don’t hear from you, I will close the Skype session. Also, after requesting a reading always remember to check your spam folder for misplaced messages.


Emma is a gifted reader. She was very accurate with her guidance and messages, she had a gentle and kind approach which made me feel comfortable. In my last reading with Emma, she sensed there was some sort of blockage in my throat. At the time, I was feeling an abscess in my throat and thought I would consult with my doctor. As a result, I had a benign module that had to be surgically removed. Had it not been for Emma and her sense of finding, I would have probably ignored the matter. She has also given me advice that was useful and accurate. Emma is truly gifted and I am grateful to have the opportunity to have someone like her read for me. I cannot thank her enough!


My experience with Emma Giannini’s tarot was a revelation. I always thought that the purpose of tarot readings was to predict the future; after a couple of bad experiences with other psychics, I was not too thrilled about having yet another reading done. However, knowing Emma personally and trusting her as a spiritual advisor, I decided to give it another shot—I am so glad I did! What keeps striking me about her approach to psychic readings is how smoothly she guides me in the process of teasing out the factors at play in each situation. It is quite hard to cast a detached gaze on yourself when you are caught in the flow of things. Emma’s tarot always shows a clear picture of the circumstances at hand, and I am grateful I can rely on her advice to help me tackle all sorts of situations with lucidity and confidence.


Emma is deeply intuitive and insightful. Her breadth of knowledge and gift of attention and perception combine for amazingly accurate readings and analyses. At a time when I was facing important choices, Emma’s intuitive skills have been of great help. I strongly recommend her readings to anyone who may be looking for competent, caring, and ethical help dealing with their challenges.


Emma’s reading helped me feel better and become more aware of my emotional and professional situation. She made me feel at ease with her calm and clear presence and her reading gave me a detailed picture of the role of my emotions in shaping the circumstances of my life. I particularly appreciate that, unlike some other psychics, she does not make false promises to please her clients (e.g. “You will meet your soulmate in two months. I see it!”); promises such as this have a disempowering effect on the recipient. She is honest, and this is why I chose her. After my reading with Emma, I felt calmer, more centered, and found my inner freedom. Thank you, Emma!


My husband and I both received gift certificates from a dear friend for readings from Emma. She used a combination of tarot and psychic/intuitive techniques to respond to our questions about our professional lives, relationships, the future, and health. She not only offered insights and predictions, but she also guided us on how to improve our situations and mental wellbeing. Emma is warm, accurate and not at all gimmicky. It was an enjoyable, supportive and beneficial experience. Emma is the real deal, and we are looking forward to booking more sessions with her!


Photos by Ashley Batz and Deniz Altindas via Unsplash

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