Mastering Astral Projection, One Step at a Time

Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer, Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience (CD Companion); Llewelyn, 2007.

Robert Bruce is one of my favorite OBE authors, and I owe my very first conscious projection to one of his books, Astral Dynamics (which I will review later). Co-authored with Brian Mercer, his Mastering Astral Projection is a how-to guide walking its readers through the process of developing all of the elements necessary for out-of-body experiences. A Brain Wave Generator CD complements the book with a selection of meditation sound programs meant to induce a trance state.

Bruce’s and Mercer’s course consists of 90 lessons, each of which is structured around a variety of elements: relaxation, breathwork, energy stimulation, and affirmations for both the morning and the evening, followed by techniques that loosen the up the energy body and trigger the projection reflex.

After selecting an appropriate setting for their experiments, OBE apprentices will devote the first five weeks to inducing relaxation, stimulating their subtle energy flows, and learning how to fall into a trance. If they practice daily (which is not a requirement), by the sixth week they will be ready to start loosening up their energy body. This will be done through a wealth of practices that weaken the connection between the physical and the astral: the “hand-rope” technique; the “washing-hands” method; the ”bouncing ball” approach, etc. The selection is so vast and creative that, if some of the techniques do not work, others most likely will.

Furthermore, Bruce and Mercer are well aware that the mind is the main obstacle to success; this is why by the tenth week they introduce troubleshooting advice. As all experienced OBE practitioners know, the only danger to be feared during an OBE is fear itself. The anxiety induced by harmless phenomena such as sleep paralysis and astral noise has disrupted many an OBE attempt. As always, knowledge is power, and the two authors have plenty of information to reassure even the most hesitant beginner: your silver cord cannot be severed; your body will not be invaded by entities; nothing that happens in the astral can harm you. Just as useful is their advice on how to build a dream memory muscle: like all oneiric activities, astral travels are easily forgotten; once they fall into oblivion, they might as well have never happened.

Fortunately for those who are interested in this topic, plenty of books are available to share important insights into how to have out-of-body experiences. Bruce’s and Mercer’s Mastering Astral Projection, however, is unique in that it provides not just detailed step-by-step guidance, but also a multi-pronged approach covering all aspects of astral travel. If you are new to out-of-body experiences, first read the whole book once. Do so without trying out any of the techniques–tempting though they may be. Once you are done, read it again. This time around, follow all of the instructions as closely as you can, and the results might surprise you. Bon voyage!

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