Developing the Art of Eyeless Vision

Sean McNamara, Mind Sight: Training to See Without Eyes. Pilot Program for Adults. Mind Possible, 2021.

Years ago, long before I even heard about mind sight as the ability to see without using one’s eyes, I participated in an experiment with a few friends. We had to hold a scarf close to our body and guess its color. White, red, pink, yellow, orange, black, blue… To my own surprise, I had no problem correctly perceiving a number of them before I got stuck on the green cloth. This experience made a lasting impression on me, and I was recently thrilled to discover that mind sight is an actual skill—one that, like any other psychic gift, one can actually cultivate.

Enter Sean McNamara’s latest book, Mind Sight: Training to See Without Eyes. Mind Sight is structured like a course—only, it’s self-paced. The book contains a sequence of simple steps to be completed by using easily obtainable supplies: a blindfold; colored papers; Elmer glue, and a headphone to listen to guided meditations.

Under McNamara’s guidance, you will first familiarize yourself with how colors feel to you when you are wearing a blindfold. Be prepared to wave colored papers all around your head to figure out what angles yield the clearest perception—mind sight does not work like your physical eyes!

After putting together a stash of cards in two different colors, you will then proceed to look at them with your mind’s eyes. The book includes a journal where you will enter your observations. As is the case with all psychic skills, mind sight entails paying closer attention to those perceptions that often go ignored; journaling will force you to do just that. [1]

As you make progress, you will add more colors to your stash. You will then graduate to shapes and, eventually, numbers and letters. Throughout this training, you will practice blindfolded, pay close attention to your perceptions, and take notes.

Aside from being informative, neatly organized, and easy to follow, Mind Sight has a couple of features I found extremely helpful. For one, owning a copy of Mind Sight gives you access to a companion website where you will find supplemental materials such as a color wheel, guided meditations, and short videos.

Furthermore, Mind Sight contains McNamara’s own field notes. This section is a comprehensive overview of the kind of techniques, emotions, and reactions that may accelerate your progress or bring it to a halt. Eyeless vision does not develop overnight, and McNamara’s candid description of his own experiences (and mistakes!) will provide you with not just the insights, but also the encouragement you need.

Thoroughly researched, well thought-out, and clearly written, Mind Sight is a little gem in the field of psychic training. If, like me, you do not have time to watch lengthy videos and yet are eager to hone your non-physical vision, Mind Sight is going to be an invaluable resource on the path to psychic development.

[1] Do yourself a favor and get the paperback version. Kindle books are great; however, since with mind sight self-study is of the essence, there is something to be said for being able to integrate your own field notes into the manual.

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