So, You Want to Be Psychic?

First of all, please realize that there is nothing special in being a psychic. Being a medium or having clairvoyant skills does not set you apart from the general population, nor does it make you “better” or “more powerful” than anyone else. In fact, many psychics regard their skills as a natural extension of their physical senses. Simply put, being psychic means that your boundaries are more porous, and therefore it is easier for you to capture energies and information that others would not perceive.

The most basic psychic skill is empathy: as an empath, you will feel what others around you feel—their joys and their sorrows, or, in some cases, their pains and their physical ailments. While empaths are ideally suited to develop psychic skills, being an empath is a challenge in its own right: if you partake of all the emotions and the sensations of everybody around you, how will you know what really belongs to you and what does not? Most importantly, how will you prevent being overwhelmed? The first step for empaths who want to develop their psychic skills is to learn how to practice emotional hygiene. If you know how to keep a clean house, it will be easier for you to manage the jumbled energetic flows knocking at your door.

If you are not—or not yet—an empath but want to develop psychic skills, you still have a few choices. One is, of course, to take psychic development courses. A cursory search over the Internet will turn out dozens of options. Alternatively, consider finding a tradition that resonates with you and begin exploring it empirically. Approach it with the caution with which you would interpret the map of an unknown territory. Take on a steady meditation practice. This path may be slower; however, it certainly is more organic. By operating from within a consistent cosmological framework, you will be able to maintain your balance and find help even in the face of potentially unpredictable circumstances. Most importantly, the skills you develop will serve as signposts for your spiritual progress.

Yet even before you set out on this endeavor, you will need to ask yourself about your true goals. What motivates your pursuit of psychic skills–are you trying to feel special? Are you going to use your talents to obtain material rewards or manipulate others?

In the yogic tradition, psychic abilities are known as siddhis; while siddhis are known to emerge spontaneously as part of the awakening process, many spiritual teachers warn about the dangers they posit. Too many adepts end up using their siddhis for self-serving purposes; by inflating their ego, these skills impede any further spiritual progress.

Psychic skills are not party tricks; they do not make you special, either. Instead, they often emerge organically out of the realization that our boundaries are, in fact, an illusion. This is why empathy is the most basic psychic ability: empaths’ own experiences implicitly remind them of the boundless nature of consciousness and the fundamental unity of all things. Therefore, the true purpose of siddhis is to encourage the understanding of our ultimate nature; if we tread this path, we will also be called to serve others. Using these skills for egotistical goals, on the other hand, will carry the price of the darkest ignorance.

Image by Key Costello via Unsplash