Psychic Development for Beginners

Chanda Parkinson, Meditations for Psychic Development, Llewellyn, 2021. Do you want to develop your psychic skills? Learn how to quiet your mind and hone your visualization skills, suggests author Chanda Parkinson. In this vein, her Meditations for Psychic Development contains a collection of exercises meant to develop one’s intuition and sharpen some of the so-called […]

Riding the Flows, Feeling the Tarot: Prana and the Art of Divination

Energetic Foundations of Intuition Development Modern day cartomancers often invest considerable effort in memorizing card meanings and correspondences; however, the intellectual understanding of tarot symbolism is only half of the story. Divination is driven by intuition, and intuition is based on prana flows: as the force driving manifestation, prana is both energy and information. Through […]