Handling Fear in an Age of Upset

Fear is a primal emotion; whenever it takes center stage, love, compassion, and spirituality begin to vanish. As a real or a perceived threat triggers your fight-or-flight response, your adrenals pump hormones into your bloodstream. All the while, your heart races; your blood pressure shoots up, and your mind quickly examines your options: do you […]

Karma is Your Teacher

One of my spiritual teachers used to project prana into his students’ energy fields as he worked on our karmas. “Some of them I can alleviate,” he would say as he went at it, snapping his fingers all around us. After each session, we all invariably felt as if a weight had been lifted off […]

The Sleep of Reason and the Seeker’s Responsibility

Browsing through social media at the time of the covid-19 pandemic, I was struck by the eagerness with which many seekers, psychics, and energy healers would jump on the conspiracy theory du jour, launching in rants against alleged villains near and far. There surely is much in today’s world to be worried about: social injustice […]

Let Go and Be Present

Whether you are a seeker, a healer, or a psychic, the first step of your spiritual journey should consist of developing proper emotional hygiene. Did you ever wonder what clear light dreams really tap into or why a trance state may unlock extraordinary experiences? You guessed it—it all comes in through your subconscious as your […]