Dealing With Hurt Through the Field of Consciousness

As a psychic,  I often marvel at the love, the compassion, and the kindness many of my clients show even in the face of adversity. However, I have also had opportunities to witness the anger of spited souls. “How can I get back at him (or her)?” is a question I hear time and again […]

Karma is Your Teacher

One of my spiritual teachers used to project prana into his students’ energy fields as he worked on our karmas. “Some of them I can alleviate,” he would say as he went at it, snapping his fingers all around us. After each session, we all invariably felt as if a weight had been lifted off […]

Delving Deeper through Divination: How to Fully Benefit from a Psychic Reading

In contemporary Western folklore, divination is often reduced to fortune-telling. “Does he (or she) love me?” is a question I get frequently asked. “Will I get the job?” is another all-time favorite. While love and livelihood are fundamental challenges for most of humankind—don’t we all share the same experience after all?–divination has the potential to […]