Yearning for Ascension: The Cosmic Axis and Its Symbols

If your body is a temple, your spine is its most sacred place. This awareness has little to do with the vertebral structure that allows human primates to hold their vertical posture; instead, it indicates the approximate location of sushumna, the channel where kundalini flows. Kundalini is the energy through which universal consciousness keeps manifesting […]

The Mystery of Prana

The problem with language is that it may create a false familiarity with the things it is meant to index: having a word for something can lull you into the illusion of knowing what its referent really is. Take prana, for example. “Prana” (प्राण) is a Sanskrit word that stands for “life force.” If you […]

After the Awakening: New Energy Pathways

Contrary to common belief, a kundalini awakening is not the culmination of a spiritual journey. Instead, it is merely a beginning. My first kundalini experience brought about dramatic changes in how I experienced the world. The boundaries that separated me from other people—their thoughts and above all their emotions—became thinner. Somehow I knew what even […]

Kundalini Rising

Sitting cross-legged in a room at sunset, I am projecting prana from the palms of my hands. Bright sparkles dance around me, and the experience is exhilarating. All of a sudden, however, this bliss is interrupted by two little hands that tear through my inner vision field. Coming from nowhere, they mold the prana droplets […]

Kundalini Yoga from the Himalayas: Tantrik Lessons on Inner Transmutation

Swami Rama, Path of Fire and Light, Volumes 1 and 2. The Himalayan Institute Press, 1988 Imagine sitting at the feet of an enlightened yogi and listening to this person’s teachings. Picture learning some of the esoteric practices that have been at the core of yoga for centuries. Envision having an experienced guru explain what […]