Move It! How To Practice Telekinesis

McNamara, Sean, 2021, Defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method. Learn the Psi ability, then use it to empower the rest of your life. Third Edition. MindPossible. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, telekinesis is the “production of motion in objects (as by a spiritualistic medium) without contact or other physical means.”[1] Whether you are a […]

Reading the Tarot Beyond the Canon

Over the centuries, cartomancers have developed long lists of meanings they attribute to each Tarot card, thus establishing the modern canon. Indeed, as we read the Tarot, we position ourselves as part of an ancient tradition that gives legitimacy to what we do. However, as historians and social scientists have repeatedly argued, traditions are reinvented […]

Developing the Art of Eyeless Vision

Sean McNamara, Mind Sight: Training to See Without Eyes. Pilot Program for Adults. Mind Possible, 2021. Years ago, long before I even heard about mind sight as the ability to see without using one’s eyes, I participated in an experiment with a few friends. We had to hold a scarf close to our body and […]

A Method to the Madness: Remote Viewing, Scrying, and Dowsing

Jenny Tyson, The Art of Scrying and Dowsing: Foolproof Methods for ESP and Remove Viewing. Llewellyn, 2021. If you think remote viewing is a modern invention, think again. Coined by Ingo Swann in the early 1970s and then popularized by physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, the term “remote viewing” is a new label for […]

The Seeker and the Psychic

McNamara, Sean. Renegade Mystic: The Pursuit of Spiritual Freedom through Consciousness Exploration, second edition. Mind Possible, 2021 Part autobiography, part psychic handbook, Renegade Mystic has two purposes: one is to demystify gurudom and shed light on some of the unfortunate dynamics that unfold in many a spiritual community; the other goal, instead, is to document […]

How to Develop Your Medical Intuition

Tina M. Zion, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course, WriteLife Publishing, 2018. If you practice any kind of energy healing, you may have noticed how during a session images, symbols and impressions seem to flow into your mind. If this is the case, you have the potential to become a medical intuitive. Medical […]

Riding the Flows, Feeling the Tarot: Prana and the Art of Divination

Energetic Foundations of Intuition Development Modern day cartomancers often invest considerable effort in memorizing card meanings and correspondences; however, the intellectual understanding of tarot symbolism is only half of the story. Divination is driven by intuition, and intuition is based on prana flows: as the force driving manifestation, prana is both energy and information. Through […]