Photographs or Flowers? Sympathetic vs. Contagious Psychometry

One of the most fascinating psychic readings I ever received was by Deviji, a Hindu seer who lives in the Himalayan foothills. On my way to her place, I picked a large hibiscus blossom. I then handed it to Deviji, who inspected it carefully before proceeding to discuss my spiritual life. Deviji is what is […]

Riding the Flows, Feeling the Tarot: Prana and the Art of Divination

Energetic Foundations of Intuition Development Modern day cartomancers often invest considerable effort in memorizing card meanings and correspondences; however, the intellectual understanding of tarot symbolism is only half of the story. Divination is driven by intuition, and intuition is based on prana flows: as the force driving manifestation, prana is both energy and information. Through […]