Fifty Shades of Tantra

Tantra is a body of esoteric knowledge that emerged in the Kashmir of the 9th century and whose only purpose is to promote the direct experience of one’s divine nature. Unlike other belief systems originating in the Indian subcontinent, Tantra challenges the dismissal of the manifested world as an illusion. If you regard the physical […]

Let Go and Be Present

Whether you are a seeker, a healer, or a psychic, the first step of your spiritual journey should consist of developing proper emotional hygiene. Did you ever wonder what clear light dreams really tap into or why a trance state may unlock extraordinary experiences? You guessed it—it all comes in through your subconscious as your […]

Tantrik Poetry for the Inner Senses

Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras: 112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight, Sounds True, 2014. This book is a contemporary poetic rendition of the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra, a collection of 112 Tantrik meditation techniques dating back to the 9th century. Infused with poetic license, Roche’s Radiance Sutras are not meant for the Sanskritist or the […]

Kundalini Yoga from the Himalayas: Tantrik Lessons on Inner Transmutation

Swami Rama, Path of Fire and Light, Volumes 1 and 2. The Himalayan Institute Press, 1988 Imagine sitting at the feet of an enlightened yogi and listening to this person’s teachings. Picture learning some of the esoteric practices that have been at the core of yoga for centuries. Envision having an experienced guru explain what […]

An Introduction to Classical Tantra

Christopher Wallis, Tantra Illuminated. Mattamayura Press, 2012 “It is only by granting the whole world its freedom to be exactly as it is that you can be free:” if Wallis’ book were to be condensed in one sentence, this would be it. Unlike other South Asian doctrines encouraging seekers to turn their back on a […]

Dreaming Your Way to Non-dual Awareness

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications, 1998. There are different reasons for practicing dreamwork. By turning their dreams into their own movies, lucid dreamers pursue exciting experiences. Astral travelers are keen on exploring subtle realms. Dream and sleep yoga practitioners, instead, are seekers; their goal is […]