Romeo, Juliet, and the Fortune Teller

Elias, Camelia. 2021. Tarot for Romeo and Juliet: Reflections on Relationships. Eyecorner Press. What happens when an English professor goes rogue and becomes a fortune teller? If reading the Tarot is delightfully addictive, so is delving into the classics – Shakespeare, in the first place. Dr. Camelia Elias’ Tarot for Romeo and Juliet is a […]

Reading the Tarot Beyond the Canon

Over the centuries, cartomancers have developed long lists of meanings they attribute to each Tarot card, thus establishing the modern canon. Indeed, as we read the Tarot, we position ourselves as part of an ancient tradition that gives legitimacy to what we do. However, as historians and social scientists have repeatedly argued, traditions are reinvented […]

The Tarot and the Higher Self

The desire to achieve a deeper understanding of one’s present and future life circumstances is as old as humankind; the means through which this is done, however, are disparate. The Etruscans and the ancient Romans, for example, would examine the liver of a ritually sacrificed sheep before making important decisions; observing the flight of birds […]

Psychic Readings

Are you ready to gain clarity about your life? Schedule a reading with me to explore your options! Every now and then, we all find ourselves struggling with situations that seem impossible to tackle and circumstances we are unable to change. This sense of entrapment is part of the human condition; as we become mired […]